You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”

“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, 'I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.'

You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Rock On!

 Like most kids, my grandsons have a fasination with  rocks. At ages 5 and 3 years old they love to pick them up, collect them and of course throw them too. Fortunately for them they not only live in a town that offers many opportunities for these activities but also boasts "rock" as part of its name. Yes, you can find rocks of all shapes and sizes here. From the boulderous natural coastline to the smooth popplestones that frame our beaches;  there are no shortages of rocks here.  It is popplestones however that take center stage today. My grandsons collected and painted these beautiful smooth stones for their dad for Father's Day.  The older one practiced his handwriting and  then proudly presented  these "Vegetable Markers" to their Dad!


Of course their works of art were received with  the heartfelt  OOHs  and AHHHs that they deserved. They are now on display  in the family vegetable garden. 

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Broomstick Lace Bracelet

Today, as they say, I have "killed two birds with one stone." (maybe three).  I was able to utilize some leftover yarn stash, use up a few of the many beautiful buttons that I have collected over the years and best of all learn a new crochet stitch that I have wanted to master for a long time called "Broomstick Lace". As I've said before, my grandmother could do  almost anything she put her mind to and was fearless in her attempt to try new things. She mastered the old "Broomstick Lace"  technique long ago and made such beautiful items using it. For nearly 40 years learning this stitch has been on my "to do" list. I decided it was time when a bracelet featured on Pinterest caught my eye. I won't lie it took some time to master; while it was easy enough, it felt awkward until I got used to it. I know at this rate, I won't even make a dent in my seemingly endless list of unfinished projects and materials but I guess every little bit helps and surprisingly I'm happy with this attempt. Not only did I learn something new,  I have a new summer accessory to wear and it was FREE!

Have a Happy and Safe 
Memorial Day Weekend!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mothers Day

Thank you Pinterest! Yup, once again you have saved me the time and stress of having to find an easy but beautiful gift idea. This time one for my grandson to make and give to his Mom on Mother's Day!  Let's face it...don't we all have enough "little hand print art" already? Ok, I'll speak for myself....YES. A few weeks ago the Painted Pine Cone Zinnia project came up for me on Pinterest as the recommended "Pin". I was stunned at the beauty and realism of this simple project, and since I have a bucket of  pine cones  at my disposal and a Finally Finishing list of things to complete, I put the two together and went to work . I had the paint, the paint brushes and of course the 2-1/2 year old grandson. Little Drew wanted to do it himself and he did. Oh, while he was at it he also painted the the table, the chair, and himself.  

Happy Mother's Day
 to my daughter!
One of the best moms I know!

p.s. credit for this clever idea goes to:

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Having A Ball

I have mentioned before that "it cracks me up" when well meaning friends (and a few strangers) tell me they too have unfinished projects hanging around, and would I like to finish them for them?  I don't have to think very long before I say NO!  Well, most of the time anyway, unless of course, it is a friend with a touching story "from the heart." (You know me, I'm all about the story. ) It seems that over 20 years ago, my friend, while expecting her first baby, decided to make an " Amish Puzzle Ball"  or Whimsie Ball as it is sometimes called for her baby to be.  She bought the supplies and started her project; who knows why she put it aside unfinished....but she did. Now over 20 years later, that baby girl is grown and has given birth to a daughter of her own. My friend is now the proud grandmother of a gorgeous baby girl, and the
puzzle ball has taken on new meaning. I have to say the project was a challenge for me. First off, I didn't have the instructions for the toy so had to depend on a "Google" search to help me out. Secondly, I didn't have experience in piecing together this type of project . (UGHHHH) Who knew every single piece had to be perfectly cut, sewn and stuffed in order to fit together?)

 Well, it certainly isn't perfect but I
 it and soon  little Ms. Riley will be the recipient of this thoughtful heirloom
Whimsie Ball!

 That is
 if I can get it away from my 
grandson Drew 
who thinks it is his now!

Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Clean Sweep

Thanks  to Pinterest and to well meaning friends, my list of unfinished projects is swelling instead of shrinking.   A while back, my daughter sent me a "pin" from Pinterest for a "Swiffer" cover. Oh, she knows me so well. Washable and reusable this nifty little cover was a perfect idea for me. I hated buying the  "pricey" but necessary Swiffer sheets, I think they are expensive and a waste of money, not to mention I don't like adding to the world's "waste" problem.   As soon as I could I ran out and got a pretty, peachy pink, cotton yarn to crochet the cover. I downloaded the pattern and checked that I had the correct size hook. I could hardly wait for the perfect time to start. Well, the perfect time never seems to come and my supplies stayed inside the Joann's bag next to my sofa until I eventually moved them into my closet where they stayed. Every single time I swept my wood floors I'd experience a "ping of regret and smidge of shame" about abandoning the "Swiffer" project and so then I would recommit to it again. Finally I did it, here it is and however small,  I have completed another project!. The thick cotton cover grabs at the dust like you won't believe. Washing and drying actually makes it softer so it works even better.

You can find this cover pattern on

Thursday, April 21, 2016


It all started as a bad joke. For my retirement, my friend gave me a book of knit and crochet patterns for Cat Hats.  We all had a good laugh  at the absurdity of it all and moved on. Or so I thought.  I mean really, hats for cats?  I don't even have a cat. I have a few friends however that do and a couple who even treat their  friendly felines like family. It was one such friend who first requested that I make a hat for her kitty, I complied; little did I know that it would be so popular. It seems that for some people dressing up those furry feline friends and posting the  photos on social media for all to see is a popular past time. Well,  you know how it goes, one becomes two and two becomes three and so on and so on and now I'm hooked.  Sure I told myself it was all  an attempt to use up my yarn stash but truth be told I have become fixated with these silly "CAT HATS". I love making them and love seeing the cats wearing them.  At this pace though I will get nowhere fast in my attempt to FINALLY FINISH  all my incomplete projects. These tiny caps don't use much yarn so my stash isn't shrinking as I had hoped. As they say....

SO today I add  this little shark to the collection of "kitties lidders"   that I have created and if I do say so myself 
George sports the "fin"quite well.


Monday, April 11, 2016


The most overwhelming part of my Finally Finishing journey for me is looking at the massive yarn and fabric stash that I have acquired and then making a decision of what to use it for. Some of it was purchased for a specific project which I started and inevitably never completed; while some was collected with an idea in mind. (which of course, never materialized.) I guess it doesn’t matter. There is still a mountain of stash that needs to be put to good use!  This next project utilizes two categories, stash and unfinished business. A couple of years ago I decided to make “grocery bag holders” for my sisters for Christmas.
I really hope the road to Hell
 is NOT 
paved with good intentions.

 Someone had given me one and I love it. I searched out a great pattern and collected pretty fabric keeping in mind the recipient’s kitchen colors. Life happened and Christmas came and went….and came and went, and came and went. Well here it is. I actually made two; one for my mother and one for my daughter who both, in my opinion needed them. 


them. Hmm I think I will make them for my sisters 

NEXT Christmas!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Go Granny..Go, Go, Go!

It is hard to believe that it has been over 40 years since I first saw this adorable little crochet sweater pattern. It was 1974 and I was expecting my first child. Granny Squares were making a comeback and were all the "rage." The stitch pattern was "throwback" from another time; I recall my own grandmother creating lovely afghans from the many colorful granny squares she had crocheted. But by '74 the "Hippie" generation began making their mark with these funky geometric squares, pocketbooks, ponchos and even bathing suits were showing up in the fashion scene.  I knew the basics of crochet and I was eager to try my hand at making granny squares. I was longing to make something hand made for my first born child. So sure enough I went to the local yarn store, bought the supplies that I needed and set to work. Back then we didn't have the benefit of knowing what sex the baby would be but in my "heart of hearts" I knew it would be a girl and that she would wear this tiny sweater set home from the hospital. That my friends is where it began and ended. I managed to mastered the stitch pattern but quickly became bored. The thought of having to sew all the pieces together overwhelmed me so eventually I stashed the whole thing into a bag and threw it in the rubbish. On June 23rd I gave birth to a beautiful (and big) 9 lb. baby boy who would never have fit into it anyway.  So here I am, some 42 years later and having come across the pattern buried in all the stuff I have saved over the years.  I think of my younger self so eager to create something beautiful for my new baby and I feel a little sad that I didn't finish it. It still feels like a failure. So here it is folks, I'll set it aside and gift it to the next little "flower child" to be born. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Happy Birthday, MOM

My mom recently turned 88 years old. Fortunately for her 
6 children, 22 grandchildren,  33 great -grandchildren
 and her 1 great, great -granddaughter she is healthy.  (A bit on the forgetful side, but healthy.) She enjoys her family so much and we enjoy her!  As time marches on though, more often her thoughts drift back to her past. Her happy childhood and the years of growing up in Maine are now a common theme for her conversations. She reminisces often about the endless summer days spent at her grandparent's farm.  When we have the chance, we all do our best to accommodate her this simple pleasure. Many years ago when my grandmother passed away, my mother gave me a box filled with old needlework pieces crafted by my grandmother and my great grandmother. Dozens of doilies and filet crochet pieces were passed down to me. While some items have not stood the "test of time" others look brand new. After a good soaking and gentle pressing I was able to make this pillow for my mom for her birthday. Words can't express how much she loves and appreciates it. It brings her back she says, to a simpler time. She keeps the pillow on her loveseat for all to see. It is a place of honor and it's presence has stimulated new found memories for her thus rendering interesting conversations. It certainly is the gift that keeps on giving. All of us have become recipients of the rich and treasured family history that my mom expounds. 

We listen carefully now, we know that these moments won't last forever. 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Finally Finishing......WORKING!!!!!

Hi All,  O.K. You had to see this coming!  Be honest. I've been absent for some time now and you had to know that eventually I would "put off"  my commitment to Finally Finish my projects and my blog. But seriously, why should it surprise anyone? After all, I am a procrastinator, that is  what I do. But I am trying and I see this only as a minor setback. I have no excuses BUT reasons; here goes. First and foremost I have retired. I  have quit my job to help my daughter with child care. My grandsons are ages 2 and 5 years old. I love spending time with them but at the end of the day I am exhausted; too exhausted to finishing anything but the day!  I know, no excuses.
Back in July I fell and broke my wrist rendering me useless and unable to do ANYTHING  much less finish a project and blog about it. Again, no excuses, just saying.  My husband had Rotator Cuff surgery and Nurse Jackie (me) has reported for duty. It has been a long haul.   If all that wasn't bad enough my elderly mother is in need of a bit more attention thus taking up more and more of my time. So lest you think I have been sitting back and eating "bon bons" you would be wrong. (OK maybe a few during the Holidays) This is water under the bridge now as far as I am concerned.
I'm back ready and willing to continue my promise to finish what I've started. Which brings me to the subject of "Cat Hats", yes you read it right!
Over a year ago, my dear (but eccentric) friend told me that there is a market for "cat hats." and that "we" should look into it.  Apparently some people really enjoy dressing up their felines in ridiculous costumes and are willing to fork over big bucks for them too. (You won't hear judgment from me.) That said, the next thing I know I have promised my friend a prototype Cat Hat. It took  me a while but here it is and  only a little over a year late. I see improvement. Somehow i don't see us making much money on this venture.
It doesn't appear that George is  over joyed with his new hat!

Thanks for reading folks,
 stay tuned, 
there is more to come. 
I promise!!!!!